Napper's Delight

cover of Napper's Delight

released 2007

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Napper’s Delight is the first solo CD release from Dean Jones of Dog on Fleas. It is a lullaby record like no other. Mbiras, balafons, pedal steel and autoharp are blended with Moogs, upright bass, piano, guitars, and deep, fuzzy loops. Thoughtful originals and creatively revamped traditional tunes create an old-feeling new world. The lush voices of Elizabeth Mitchell, Debbie Lan, and Amy Poux add refreshing counterpoint to Mr. Jones’ relaxed tenor voice. It’s an album for many moods, and absolutely not meant to be wallpaper.

Mr. Jones has made a career for himself as a boundary-defying
multi-instrumentalist/band leader with Dog on Fleas, the Harmonica Virgins, For Sale by Owner Orchestra, the Car Tune Orchestra, and in other diverse musical settings with George Clinton, Big Sky Ensemble, Sonando, Uncle Buckle, Earmight, and many others.

With Dog on Fleas, Dean Jones has sought to make intelligent, gutsy music for kids, and even more importantly, the other people in kid’s lives. In short: good music for good people. Napper’s Delight continues this tradition as an album of surprises and delights in a mellow mood.