Lima Bean

Lima Bean by Dean Jones

Lima Bean, Lima Bean
Bean, bean, bean (etc etc)

Lima bean and slug are sittin’ in a field
Slug says to Lima “can I get my grape peeled?”

Lima bean dancing a bolero
Sucatash city up and down the corn row

Lima Bean’s looking in a full length mirror
Singing Rod Stewart so the whole town can hear her
Slug’s playin’ rugby, it’s a dangerous game
Got kicked in the kidney by a navy bean

Lima and slug in a birch canoe
A little romance in the foggy dew

Corn in the husk and peas in a pod (bean bean, bean bean bean)
Lima in the gocery store feeling kinda odd

Guy drank ‘em down while he was still alive

Some kid ate Lima, then spit her right out
Lima’s feeling lonely, got her mouth in a pout