Blueberry Pie

Blueberry Pie
By Dean Jones

Blueberry pie, oh my (2x)
Blueberry pie, oh my, oh my, oh my

Peaches and cream, oh what a dream (2x)

Strawberry shortcake, any time any plate (2x)

Papaya with a spoon, fly me to the moon

Gimme a ripe pear, I swear I’ll cut my hair
I promise, I promise, I promise, I promise
I’ll sit down in my chair
Apples and cheese, c’est magnifique, it’s a delicacy
Apples and cheese, say please, say please, say please

Mango lassi, lordy, lordy, lordy
Bananas flambé, oh what can I say
These fruits are on fire, but I love them anyway
I do, I do

Mulberries, mulberries, mulberries, mulberries
I’m gonna pick just as many as I can carry
Give me something to put these fruits in
Open your mouth, and I’ll open my mouth too

For some blueberry pie oh my
Blueberry pie, oh my….

updated: 12 years ago