The Addage Song

The Addage Song
By Matt Verrilli

There was a kid from Madrid
The kid caught a katydid
The katydid danced a gypsy dance
And the gypsy moths joined in

A little boy from Hanoi
He didn’t like bok choi
He caught a cabbage worm and on his plate it squirmed
He ate the bok choi for the boy

But you don’t know if you like it ‘til you try it
You can’t win if you don’t play
You can’t take it home ‘til you buy it
But where there’s a will there’s a way
You won’t get too far moanin’ and cryin’
Waitin’ for the sky to fall
So if you ain’t got nothing good to say
Then don’t say nothing at all

A dude from the USA
Ate 10 big macs a day
His big mac attacks had the knack
Of driving all his friends away


A guy from Rosendale
Pickin’ food from a garbage pail
Tried to pay his rent with Rosendale cement
So they locked him up in jail


A little girl from another world
With neon hair in curls
She had a UFO that wouldn’t go
So she hopped on a flying squirrel