Hermit Crab

Hermit crab looking for a shell
Crawled into a tuba bell

Crawl in slowly, doze out dozey
Breathe in mouthly, home in housey

Inch worm walked a mile and a half
Fell asleep in a tulip bath

Teeny little critter, ‘bout a millimeter
Slide and slither, lively liver

Minnows swimming in a school
Stand askance a tidal pool

Swim on swishy, beaucoup fishies
Pesky little pieces, settle down nicely

Flower flicking flies away
Don’t freak out, you’ll be ok

Coco rosie, picking posies
Synaesthesia, wanna be ya

Daisy doozie, what’s a hoosie

Why oh wheresie, we’re on a tearsie