The Moon Song

the moon song
by dean jones

Watch the waxing and the waning of the moon
It’s something you can count on
You can count your days on this earth
by the number of full moons

Feel the waning and the waxing of your moods
Every day has its ups and its downs
I can tell you that the moon does its part
To tug tug tuggity tug at your heart

Forces greater than math control us
We’re swimming in a cosamic bath, don’t you know it
Answers are a dime a dozen
So what’s the use in fussing cousin?

Love, and let the love surround you
Moon, and let the moon confound you
A question’s a question’s a koan you see
Ask yourself eventually

New moon/ sliver moon/ banana moon/ honeymoon
Half moon/ half pike/ moonlight in Vermont
A 100% howling full wolf moon
A moonage daydream/ on the dark side of the moon
Big ol’ luna moth get up its gumption to
Fly me to the moon

updated: 12 years ago