Honey Baby

by Dean Jones

I wanted me a baby so I got me some flour
I got me some water and a rolling pin
I kneaded it and kneaded it and kneaded it again
Opened up the oven and I put it right in
Oh I had a little baby, sour little thing
Bumpy and lumpy and not very nice
I covered it in honey, spices and seeds
Put it in the oven again

Honey baby, honey baby
Jump up on your daddy’s knee
Honey baby, honey baby
Sweet little honey baby

Water from a well, honey from a bee
Eggs from a chicken, and an apple from a tree
Flour from wheat; grows in the ground
Now I got myself a little honey baby


A little nutmeg, and a raisin or two
I’m a gonna tell you what I’m a gonna do
I hope you need me like I’m kneading you
Honey baby, my honey baby boo